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Military histories can include details of military engagements and campaigns, allowing you to learn more about the places your ancestor served, battles, illnesses, supplies, food, weather, and terrain. In some cases you'll find day-to-day accounts of troop movements and daily routines.

Histories are typically compiled from a variety of sources, including official military records, as well as diaries and first-hand accounts.

Military histories can give you a unique look into your ancestor’s military service.

While they may not mention your ancestor by name, they can include details about military battles and engagements, the daily routine, and conditions (e.g., weather, illness, food, supplies, etc.).

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Search Tips

  • To use military histories, it is helpful to know the military unit your ancestor was assigned to, and what battles or engagements he was involved in. Then use keywords to search for those engagements.
  • Other military records sometimes give you the name of your ancestor’s commanding officer. Higher ranked officers are more likely to be mentioned in military history records, so try a search for the commanding officer’s name to learn more about the military unit.
  • Search for military camps where you know your ancestor was stationed.