Ancestry® Family History Learning Hub


Ancestry® Family History Learning Hub


Ancestry® Family History
Learning Hub

Curiosity CenterAncestry Family History Learning Hub

Get the most out of the family history resources available on Ancestry and learn how to find generations of your family and their stories.

  1931 Census of Canada

Searching the 1931 census for family members’ names can be a great start—or continuation of—the journey into your family history.

Explore the 1931 Census of Canada

Featured Family History Articles

Immigration in the 1600s and 1700s

Immigration to North America in the 17th and 18th centuries reflects a complex blend of motivations. Does your family’s story include immigration to North America during the 1600s or 1700s? Immigration records on Ancestry® may help you piece together your family’s story.

Learn more about Immigration in the 1600s and 1700s

U.S. Newspapers

Ancestry newspapers collections can help you to weave together a more nuanced picture of your family's story. You might even find a news item that helps you in your research.

Learn more about U.S. Newspapers

Maritime Job Records

Are seafaring ancestors part of your family heritage? Looking at the maritime industry across the different eras of U.S. history can be a fascinating voyage into your family’s story.

Learn more about Maritime Job Records

Railroad Job Records

Throughout the 19th century, railroads became a vital method of transportation in the United States—for goods and people. If your ancestors worked on the railroads, they laid the tracks of your family history.

Learn more about Railroad Job Records

Getting Started with Family History

Going Beyond Family History

AncestryDNA® Learning Hub

Learn how DNA can give you new details about your family history or even help you connect to your past in a deeper way.

AncestryDNA® Traits

What makes you, you? Learn how certain characteristics may be passed down in your DNA.

Ancestry® Historical Insights

Explore visual stories about important people, moments and movements in history.