AncestryDNA® Traits Learning Hub

AncestryDNA® Traits Learning Hub

AncestryDNA® Traits
Learning Hub

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Whether they're physical traits you can see or hidden traits you can’t, your DNA holds even more information than you imagined.

Goal Setter

When you want to achieve something—in your personal or professional life—are you likely to set a goal to motivate and guide you? An AncestryDNA + Traits test can provide insight into whether you have genetic markers associated with dozens of performance, sensory, and personality traits.

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Featured AncestryDNA® Traits Articles


Persistent behavior is the willingness to continue working toward a goal even when discouragement or challenges arise. But it doesn't always come naturally. Some people are persistent because they've worked hard to develop the trait.
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Did you know that genetics could play a role in your concentration aptitude? Being focused is to keep your mental attention on the specific task you're doing, despite any distractions that may arise. Not everyone finds it easy to stay focused when other options vie for your attention.
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Do you naturally find yourself in a leadership position when working with others? Certain qualities position people to be good leaders, whether they’re genetically based or learned over time. Leadership and genetics are related to some degree, but there's far more to the story than that.
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Individual or Team Sports

Does the idea of working with a team to play sports have you jumping for joy or groaning in dread? Like most things in life, not everyone agrees on how they like to play—or watch—their sports. Scientists claim that, to some extent, genetics influence whether you prefer individual or team sports.
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AncestryDNA® Learning Hub

Learn how DNA can give you new details about your family history or even help you connect to your past in a deeper way.

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