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Product / Service Patents
Genealogical Trees and Data: building, searching, viewing, and/or verifying content within US7249129, US7908315, US8095567, US8185557, US8356023, US8768970, US8769438, US8786603, US8793574, US8825705, US8825709, US8938439, US8949110, US9177266, US9330418, US9665257, US9747345, US9959013, US10262042, US11093746, US11113609, US11321361, US11347798, US11500884
Access to Historical Records: text/image recognition, indexing, search, and/or retrieval AU2018313274, US7111144, US7240062, US7392268, US7724981, US7734092, US7756289, US7945116, US8019719, US8073285, US8140512, US8224821, US8249391, US8370759, US8375286, US8446652, US8600152, US8600980, US8687890, US8731336, US8801201, US8824803, US8837787, US8908971, US9030502, US9053362, US9197525, US9251394, US9400942, US9454545, US9619702, US9620079, US9740928, US9767353, US9792520, US10318846, US10552418, US10621693, US10635680, US10796152, US10896189, US10943146, US10949666, US11170257, US11416501, US11475658, US11494382, US11537816
Matches, Hints, Traits, Ethnicity, and/or Genetic Communities AU2015331619, AU2015331621, AU2015332507, AU2016272732, AU2016293485, AU201716670, AU201810123, AU201810129, AU201810132, AU201810134, AU2020200351, AU2021201500, CA177962, CA2906180, DE6020150431863, EM0044284230001, EM0044284230002, EM0044284230003, EM0044284230004, EM0044284230005, EP2973130, EP2973130, EP3207481, EP3323067, EP3323067, EP3323067, EP6020140814123, EP6020140814123, EP6020160733870, FR3207481, GB3207481, MX391111, US7957907, USD831057, USD831688, US8738297, USD915449, US9390225, US9940433, US10114922, US10223498, US10296710, US10504611, US10558930, US10679729, US10692587, US10720229, US10896741, US10896742, US10957422, US11211149, US11232854, US11238957, US11335435, US11429615, US11482306, US11538551
Sample Collection Device AU2014218419, CA190197, CA2920098, EP3028030, EP3028030, EP3028030, EP6020140770487, MX368207, USD904189, US9732376, US10973497, US11311884, US11426734, US11484884
Virtual Progeny US8620594, US8805620, US10658068, US10916332
AncestryHealth AU2015342771, US10867705