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Photos or images bring an added dimension to your ancestor’s military service and provide a historical context for the time during which they served. In these collections you will find images of battlefields, encampments, personnel in uniform, military units and officer group shots, and more.

Military photographs allow you to view history as your ancestors saw it and can be a rich addition to your family story.

They can also be useful in helping to identify uniforms you may have seen in your own family photo collection.

Sample Images

Search Tips

  • If you’re searching for a person in the military photos, try using only a surname and narrow it with other fields. Sometimes you’ll find military photos labeled with just a surname and perhaps an initial and/or rank (e.g., Sgt. A.J. Smith).
  • When searching for military photos, try using the keyword field to enter the name or number of your ancestor’s military unit or the location of a battle in which they served.
  • Using the keyword field, search for locations or the ship name where you suspect your ancestor was stationed.